Product Comparison

Competitors Bit Body

Three sections welded together using a softer material which may result in imprecise offset and gage accuracy. Weld imperfections can lead to the undermining of the interrupted mud courses causing premature failure of the hydraulics.

Salvation Bit Body

One piece precision machined body made from stainless aircraft alloy ensures true geometry, greater strength, superior physical wear characteristics and corrosion resistance. Straight uninterrupted mud paths increase flow and eliminate mud course deviations and failures.

COMPETITORS cone retention

  1. Can fail prematurely before the cutting structure is worn out, retention balls quickly wear the shared race resulting in downhole cone loss.

  2. Allows cones to wobble on their axes as they rotate creating tapered out of gage well bore sections that may need to be reamed or re-drilled

  3. Removes material from the cone shell making it weaker.

Salvation Solid electron-beam welded retention

Solid, electron-beam welded retention:

  1. Won’t fail under normal use. Salvation’s new retention system stops downhole cone loss.
  2. Maintains cone position through rotation which eliminates the drilling of a tapered hole, drills a parallel hole with no reaming or re-drilling required.
  3. Multiplies the thrust bearing surface area for high strength and extended life.
  4. Provides balanced thrust bearing surfaces which is great for directional drilling.


Basic O-ring is continuously and directly exposed to the drilling environment making it highly susceptible to damage. Additional wear forces from cone wobble and axial movement accelerate seal failure.


Compliant reserve seal fully contained and is continuously guarded from the drilling environment. Always on a true rotating path due to the highly advanced cone retention system resulting in greatly increased life.


Cutters intermittently and continuously block the mud exits and, because the exits are located above the cones, the mud stream pushes rock chips back under the cones causing extensive chip recutting, which greatly reduces the rate of penetration and bit life due to poor chip evacuation.


Unrestricted and unobstructed targeted laminar flow hydraulics, with optimal nozzle placement, directly and continuously blasts the hole bottom clean, combined with increased bit annular clearance, instantly removes chips eliminating extensive chip re-cutting which significantly increases the amount of drilled footage and rate of penetration.


The rubber diaphragm directly exposed to the drilling environment is easily damaged. The grease-filling procedure entraps air in the bearing zone, causing the equalizer to go to full travel prematurely, failing the system.


Protected floating equalization valve system, with increased travel, is fully encased to eliminate any possible damage. Full loop grease filling circuit removes entrapped air.

COMPETITORS Bearing Journals

A small footprint generates concentrated loads, and poor metallurgical properties cause higher operating temperatures, negatively affecting both bearing life and grease integrity.

Salvation Bearing Journal

Large bearing surface areas and through hardened journals with the best combination of metallurgical properties known. Capable of higher loads, rates of penetration, and longer life while operating at lower temperatures.


Weldment which is subject to misalignment and limits the quality of materials that can be used. Ball retention requires greater operating clearances creating bit run-out that affects bit life, hole gauge, and risks drilling a tapered hole that requires reaming.

Salvation Assembly

Solid, unitized construction, electron-beam welded cone retention. Ultra-precision assembly methods repeatedly assure true geometry. Minimum operating clearances result in a bit that consistently drills parallel hole gage and provides lengthened bit life.


New broad spectrum cutting structure works excellent in soft to medium hard formations and new grooveless cone shells reduce wear and increase insert retention.

The all-new carbide cutting structure provides excellent results in soft to medium hard formations. Advanced cone parent material is harder and more wear and chemical resistant. The groove-less cone shells greatly reduce insert washout by eliminating the ribs on the cones and distributing the wear forces over a larger surface that is much less susceptible to erosion.

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