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Oil and Gas are the world’s largest commodities, and they are accessed by drilling with consumable rotary drill bits. With the demand for oil and gas continuously growing and oil and gas at record prices, there is an overwhelming need for greatly improved drilling tools. Current rotary three-cone drill bits, which have a much lower rate of penetration, drill an out-of-round hole, have the liability of losing parts downhole, and have a shorter life, are much more costly to use on a cost-per-foot basis when compared to Salvation’s tools.

The consumable oil and gas drilling tool market has all the relevant characteristics of a market that is very desirable. Some of these characteristics are listed below:

  • Multi-billion dollar, existing, and robust.
  • Market forces will sustain industry growth.
  • Clear, immediate need for the benefits provided by our technology.
  • Technology delivered is strongly positioned to compete in the market.
  • Salvation’s increased rate of penetration and longer life will provide drillers with the lowest life cycle cost.
  • Automated, scalable manufacturing will allow Salvation to react quickly to market Demands

As of 2/16/2023, Salvation’s drilling tools are in production.
Salvation Drilling Tools, LLC will be seeking investment to expand production.*

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